Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Toronto's Budget to give TTC $50M boost: Tory

TORONTO - Toronto’s 2016 budget will boost funding for the TTC by $50 million, Mayor John Tory announced Monday.

A proposed funding increase will help reduce wait times and crowding, he said.

The mayor chose the Davisville carhouse — a TTC garage at Yonge St. and Davisville Ave. — to make the announcement.

City council will finalize its 2016 budget later this month.

Here are the highlights from Tory’s remarks:

•$50 million in “new annualized funding” for the TTC will target congestion, and improve service reliability.

•Six new work cars, more staff for repairs, and more subway cars for Line 1 are in the works for 2016.

•Tory wants the TTC to implement an “aggressive” strategy to reduce subway delays by 50% in three years.

•TTC customer satisfaction hit an all-time high of 81% last year. “We haven’t achieved perfection but we’ve achieved improvement in service that I have noticed as a customer,” Tory said.

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