Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Toronto Taxi Drivers Call Off Strike For NBA All-Star Weekend

TORONTO - Toronto taxis have called off their strike that would have threatened Toronto’s NBA All-Star weekend.

Flanked by three city councillors, representatives from the taxi industry nixed the strike threat at City Hall early Wednesday afternoon.

“We respect the public,” said taxi industry representative Sajid Mughal. “The public is our bread and butter. We heard the public loud and clear.”

A citywide strike by cab drivers frustrated with Uber would have likely caused traffic jams on a busier than usual weekend for Toronto.

Taxi drivers have previously caused gridlock during a protest that took place in December.

While this weekend’s forecast is protest-free, the taxi industry said they are not guaranteeing future strikes are also off the table.

The announcement featured councillors Glenn De Baeremaeker, Kristyn Wong-Tam, and Janet Davis, all of whom strongly denounced Uber for flouting the law.

De Baeremaeker went so far as to say if you love somebody, do not let them get into an Uber vehicle.

“UberX is illegal, UberX is unfair, UberX is unsafe,” he said. “If you are in an UberX cab right now, get the heck out. Protect yourself.”
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