Monday, February 15, 2016

Sydney Sopher, 68 Arrested For Sexual Assault Near Bathurst and Wilson ave on Female Kijiji Job Seeker

Toronto police charging a man with sexual assault. after he advanced on a woman responding to a Kijiji job ad.

It happened on Thursday February 11th, when a 23-year-old went to an office near Bathurst St. and Wilson Ave. to pursuit a part time job.

During the interview, the man allegedly made inappropriate comments and then sexually assaulted her.

Sydney Sopher, 68, arrested by police on Sunday and faces a count of sexual assault.

Police believe there may be other victims.

Sopher will make a court appearance in North York on Thursday, March 17th.

The incident is another in a recent wave of Kijiji related crimes. Earlier in the month an armed robber used Kijiji to lure a victim in to forking over a necklace for sale near the city’s east end.

Meanwhile in January a 21-year-old man tried defrauding people with a Kijiji online sale by subbing sealed iPhones with a box of rice.
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