Friday, February 12, 2016

Toronto Police Issue Public Safety Alert After Kijiji Seller Robbed At Gunpoint

A public safety alert has been issued by Toronto police after someone trying to sell a necklace was robbed at gunpoint.

A 28 year old mad had advertised a necklace for sale recently on Kijiji, and he was contacted by someone interested in purchasing it.

Over several days, they worked out a price and made arrangements to meet in person.

The seller met the prospective buyer in the Strathmore Boulevard and Woodington Avenue area, and when he produced the necklace, the “buyer” pulled a gun from his waistband, pointed it at the victim, grabbed the necklace and took off on foot.

A suspect description is not available but police say if you’re selling or purchasing items online and meeting with someone you don’t know, exercise caution.

Police suggest all transactions be conducted in a public place.
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