Tuesday, February 16, 2016

TTC Increasing Bus Service During Peak Times

The TTC says that there will be 50 new buses with more service added to the routes during peak times across the city.

Mayor John Tory states that this is being done in order to give commuters a more reliable system to help meet the expectations of Torontonians. Tory also says that he would like to see people get home a lot easier, so they have more time with their families, but more importantly being able to get them to work more efficiently and on time.

The plan is in conjunction with a $95 million investment for transit and the boosted service has already been underway since Sunday on a total of 24 routes.

Added service will be most importantly helping out during the peak hours in an effort to decrease crowding and wait times.

There will also be route changes on several routes and also seven buses making additional trips.

For a full list of the services changes click here.

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