Friday, February 12, 2016

Toronto Woman survives submerging car in icy pond in Scarborough

TORONTO - A security guard was patrolling a Scarborough plaza early Thursday when she suddenly launched her car out of the parking lot and into in an icy pond.

Toronto Police say the A.S.P. Security car was at the southeast end of Kennedy Commons Plaza, near Kennedy Rd. and Progress Ave., when it hopped a curb, crashed through a chain-link fence, rolled down a hill and smashed into the frozen pond around 2 a.m.

“The woman managed to get out of the vehicle,” Const. Clint Stibbe said. “She’s very lucky to be alive.”

The mercury had dipped to about -14 C — but would have felt more like -22 C with the windchill — as the woman swam through the frigid water to safety.

“As the vehicle began to fill with water she was able to escape and swim a short distance to shore,” Kevin Stubbs of A.S.P. Security said. “She climbed the embankment and sought assistance from a passerby.”

He said the security guard, who’s in her 30s, was taken to a local hospital and released a few hours later.

“She is shaken up but otherwise fine.”

When marine unit officers and a towing company arrived at the pond later in the morning, the car was almost completely submerged and the surface of the pond was once again frozen.

“We’re still trying to determine what happened and why the car ended up in the pond,” Stibbe said.
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