Tuesday, February 23, 2016

293 permits seized in disabled parking blitz by Toronto Police

TORONTO - Almost one out of five disabled parking permits inspected by Toronto enforcement officers during a recent two-week blitz were seized for being either fake or misused.

Toronto Police ran a blitz on disabled permits for two weeks in February, devoting eight to 10 parking enforcement officers a day to inspect them.

What they found was a shock.

After inspecting almost 1,600 permits, 293 of them were seized because they were either counterfeit or not being used by the intended person.

“We were surprised by the results of the campaign,” said Brian Moniz, operations supervisor with Toronto Parking Enforcement West.

“We decided to have this campaign to bring heightened awareness to the issues and challenges with misusing a permit, and also to do a saturated level of enforcement.”

He said his department seized 1,057 disabled permits for misuse during all of last year. 
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