Saturday, July 28, 2018

Faisal Hussain wounded in gunbattle with Toronto police before shooting himself

The gunman who killed two and wounded 13 others in Greektown was wounded in the leg by Toronto Police after open fire on two uniformed officers, the Sun has learned.

Faisal Hussain was walking through an alley off the Danforth after the horrific shooting when two officers — one from 54 Division, the other from 55 Division — unexpectedly intercepted him, sources told the Sun.

The Special Investigations Unit — which handles all police shootings — is probing the death of Hussain, 29, while Toronto Police are investigating the fatal shooting of 10-year-old Julianna Kozis and 18-year-old Reese Fallon.

The SIU hasn’t yet indicated officially who shot Faisal Hussain, but the Sun reported it first that he shot himself.

The officers chose the back alley route believing they could bypass the chaos on Danforth Ave. after the mass shooting and get to the scene faster.

When the cops saw Hussain armed with a handgun, they exited their cruiser and took cover behind the vehicle’s engine block — which serves as a bullet-proof barrier.

Hussain blasted the rear passenger window first and both officers shot at the gunman.

One bullet pierced Hussain’s leg and he hobbled around the corner, put the gun barrel in his mouth and killed himself.

“He realized there was no way he was going to escape from the officers in his wounded state,” the source told the Sun.

The pursuing cops found Hussain dead.

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