Friday, April 4, 2014

Grace period for parking tickets extended to 10 minutes

TORONTO - Toronto drivers now have a 10-minute grace period for parking tickets.

City officials confirmed Friday the grace period for pay-and-display, on-street parking is now in effect following Thursday night’s council vote.

Anthony Fabrizi, manager of parking operations for the city, said the grace period only applies if drivers have bought a minimum of 10 minutes of time from the parking machine.

“It’s a best practices approach,” Fabrizi said.

But the city officials said the grace period doesn’t apply if you’re parked in a spot that changes over to a rush hour route at a certain time.

City hall has been trying to give drivers a 10-minute grace period rather than a five-minute grace period since 2012.

Although council had approved10 minutes, Toronto Police parking enforcement officers were still abiding by the old five-minute allowance. This week’s council vote changes the bylaw so they can’t give a ticket unless 10 minutes have elapsed since the ticket expired.

A driver who still gets stung with a ticket less than 10 minutes after their paid parking expires, can get the city to cancel the ticket provided they have their parking receipt to prove it.

The city issued a total of 2.7 million tickets last year for parking offences.

“The bulk of people who get tickets in pay-and-display areas or time restricted parking are people who simply ignore the parking payment requirements,” Fabrizi said.
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