Monday, April 7, 2014

Digging deep for a Toronto road-repair fix

TORONTO - Public Works chairman Denzil Minnan-Wong wants the city to dig into how it repairs roads.

Minnan-Wong announced Monday that he'll be asking the public works committee on Wednesday to approve a comprehensive review of the city's maintenance and repair practices for the roads and sidewalks.

"We'll be looking at the type of asphalt we use, the depth of the asphalt, the concrete base, all aspects of construction," Minnan- Wong said. "We seem to have a problem here at the City of Toronto that other cities may not have so we'll be looking at other cities in North America and across Europe to see if we can learn some things in terms of how to better construct our roads."

"We need to take a proactive approach to looking at modern technologies and remedies and solutions so that these potholes don't appear as often," Minnan- Wong said.

"It is only going to get worse. I think we've got to look at the new and best approaches that are offered in other places and in other cities."

The push for a review comes as the city battles one of its worst pothole seasons. City officials also rolled out the $215 million summer construction plan on Monday that includes 14 major road resurfacing and reconstruction projects across the city.

Major work is planned for Markham Rd., from Kingston Rd. to Lawrence Ave.; Victoria Park Ave., from Eglinton Ave. to Lawrence Ave.; Wilson Ave., from Bathurst St. to Dufferin St.; Finch Ave., from Kipling Ave. to Hwy. 27; and Kipling Ave., from Bloor St. to Dixon Rd.

The roadwork comes at the same time the city will be launching three major rehabilitation projects on the Gardiner Expressway.

"We sympathize with motorists ... but we have to do the work," Minnan-Wong said.

The city has already repaired more than 120,000 potholes this year.

Minnan-Wong said the city has twice as many potholes this year when compared to 2013.
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