Tuesday, September 3, 2013

16 Year Old Shot in The Neck

Family and friends were mourning the killing of a 16-year-old boy Sunday who was gunned down in a Weston Rd. apartment building.

Toronto Police identified Yusif Tifow as the teen who suffered a gunshot wound to the neck.

Officers found the teen the 19th floor of an apartment building on Weston Rd., near Lawrence Ave., around midnight Sunday. Emergency workers rushed him to Sunnybrook Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Dozens of family members and friends gathered Monday at the Scarlett Rd. apartment building Monday where Tifow resided with his mother and four brothers. Many were too distraught to speak with reporters.

Relative Khadija Shire described the teen’s mother as a “very tough woman” who single-handedly raised her five sons.

“She’s devastated but what can she do?” she said.

Tifow lived in the building with his mother and brothers his entire life, she added.

It was normal for his mother to constantly fret over her children, she said.

“It’s not very safe in Toronto nowadays,” she added. “We are all worried about our kids.”

Neighbour Farhiya Warsame, remembered Tifow as a “very kind boy” who always greeted residents politely and helped them with their groceries.

“It shocked me,” she said. “Because the way I see (it), he’s very kind and very respectful.”

She added she did not know why Tifow was at the other building.

Christopher-Ryan Miranda, 16, who communicated with the Toronto Sun via e-mail, said he last saw Tifow around six months ago, adding “I am really sad that he passed away at such a young age. No family needs this.”

Tifow — who also went by the nickname “Rico” — was one of his first friends in high school, where they had “lots of fun times,” he said.

Residents of the Weston Rd. building where the shooting took place expressed concern their home had unexpectedly morphed into the scene of a fatal shooting.

Megan Baron said she found out what happened around 3 a.m. when police notified her.

“It’s frightening because I have a young kid myself so I feel really badly for the parents of the deceased,” she said.

Investigators have not released any word on suspects.
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