Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tensions boil during Forcillo bail hearing

TORONTO - An odd incident occurred before Const. James Forcillo’s bail hearing Tuesday at a University Ave. courthouse.

One of the two police officers who escorted Forcillo into court was observed staring at one of Sammy Yatim’s friends in the front row.

Forcillo faces a second-degree murder charge. He accused of firing nine shots, killing Yatim, 18, on a streetcar on July 27.

The court spectator, accompanied by a woman holding onto a black shirt that read “9 shots? … RIP Sammy Yatim,” just stared right back at the officer.

The officer walked to the man, got right in his face, and had what appeared to be some harsh words with him.

As the hearing began, Justice Gary Trotter made note of the situation, saying he didn’t want any disruptions.

“Everyone is welcome here, but I caution people that any attempt to talk to Mr. Forcillo won’t be tolerated,” Trotter firmly stated.

After it was decided that Forcillo would receive bail, the woman held up her black shirt towards the judge, and the man hung his head.

The pair, who refused to comment on what the officer said, waited outside the courtroom to talk with Forcillo’s lawyer Peter Brauti. The man and Brauti exchanged some brief words.

A short time later at a press conference outside the courthouse, where Bruati and Toronto Police Association President Mike McCormack spoke, a passing cyclist yelled obscenities. Several bystanders also heckled the speakers.

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