Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Council to vote on Vaughan's gun and bullet ban next week

TORONTO - Get ready for a gun fight at City Hall next week.

Councillor Adam Vaughan will ask city council next Thursday to approve a ban on bullets and demand that the federal government do the same with handguns.

Vaughan said Tuesday the legislative move follows up on a promise he made to families that have been victimized by gun violence.

“Handguns are made for one thing and one thing only, for killing people and too many people are getting hurt,” Vaughan argued.

“I’m tired of tracking whether they are stolen or lost or smuggled; it doesn’t matter to me anymore — (handguns) shouldn’t be allowed.”

Former Toronto mayor David Miller led city council in calling for a national handgun ban back in 2008.

Vaughan has stuck to his guns on a bullet ban even though it was shot down by pundits, Mayor Rob Ford and even Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair last month.

“The ammunition that goes into a long gun or a handgun, that ammunition should not be available in Toronto, stored in Toronto, sold in Toronto or used in Toronto,” said the Trinity-Spadina (Ward 20) councillor.

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