Thursday, May 24, 2018

Is Drake's New Girfriend Malaika Terry From Brampton?

I don’t know if you’ve been following The Disastrous Drake in ANOTHER scandal with a catfish/IG ho he met online but I have the inside dirt!! Drake was spotted with this below basic looking girl in Toronto allegedly trying to go to the LV shop “the dreadful morning after” to buy her a wallet as payment for busting it open.

The woman is 22 year old Malaika Terry who still lives at her momma (Natasha) house in Brampton.

Malaika’s mom is Jamaican with other children (J.R who she is actually proud of) an her father is Irish (out of the picture which is why she is so desperate for make attention). I went to school with this broad & it’s so embarrassing that she has no career, can’t hold down a job & is still editing her pictures to look like a “hot girl” when she’s really a double-chinian looking chinpanzee!!

She still photoshops her pictures with a free apple app & strips for Instagram likes while I pursued my career & I am engaged. Malaika’s only boyfriend Ben Shamoon (aside from her groupie takes and one night stands) unfollowed her after seeing how thirsty she is to suck a celebrity peen for free when no celeb is even claiming her!! Drake was so angry & his bodyguard was ready to fight the people taking pictures because Drake never wanted to be seen with Malaika the catfish, he didn’t even take her to dinner or out! Lolol Ben was the only guy willing to marry her, he introduced her to his whole family!? Malaika’s been to LA one time but re-adds the pictures pretending to live there.

She was sleeping with for free photographs, @marquistrill slept with her promising to be her agent/manager but he told her she needs to be associated to a celebrity otherwise she’s a nobody so last year Malaika went on a spree liking Chris browns pics, tagging him, commenting everywhere & he finally liked one of hers back so she tried messaging him on dm.. Lolol This is the same thing she did to Drake. Chris brown already unfollowed her & unliked the pic not wanting to be associated with Drake’s hole to fill for the night that looks like a hot mess in person! Malaika you are an embarrassment, YOU COULDN’T EVEN GET AN INSTAGRAM FOLLOW FROM DRAKE AFTER GIVING HIM A BJ AND WE KNOW YOU CALLED YOUR BROTHER PATRICK TO TAKE & RELEASE THE PICTURES INSIDE RITZ CARLTON. Every time she exposes a guy, she changes her name: from @tonyvmontanaa to @imcleopatravii to her new name.

Malaika purposely wore the same outfit she wore on April 20th, then pretended to be a fan & send in her own match up claiming this “fan” found Drake’s mystery girlfriend!!? Who else would notice a hood boutique outfit? It wasn’t memorable! Lol I know this because she tells her “friend” everything!! Drake is the only fool who would fall for her because he is insecure daring celebrities, he’d rather shoot fish in a bucket, strippers, porn stars, groupies, girls who get excited over him, Guess he didn’t mind because she’s a BBW in person. Drake if you’re reading this, it’s too late, everyone knows you’re the CATFISH CONNOISSEUR but this catfish exposed you herself! We grew up with her, we know she’s desperate for fame & to get off her mattress in Brampton aka B-town aka Bum-town.

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