Friday, October 27, 2017

Jackie Redmond from TSN and Toronto Blue Jay Josh Donaldson caught cheating?????

Toronto Blue Jays Superstar Josh Donaldson was allegedly caught cheating on his longterm girlfriend. Now T.O. received this tip with more info via a solid source, “Started with Estrada, not Josh Donaldson. He came after (pardon the pun). E’s wife walked in on him and J in, shall we say, a very compromising position. Wife freaks out, natch. Estrada’s season suffered as we know, and by his own admission that was not about physical injuries at that point but ‘personal issues.’ (Look back at quotes from him when he re-signed contract.) Donaldson ‘signs on’ with JRed not long after. Problem is he also has longtime girlfriend from way back (high school or college) and she finds out. Dumps his ass and by then a Wags lynch mob forms. E’s wife said only way they would stay/re-sign contract with Jays is if J was sent packing. Firing tricky since team and network same employer, so they found gig in NYC. Sad sitch for all involved but those are the facts” says our source.  Blue Jays are doing the soap opera thing off the field, that surely can’t help build team chemistry.-

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