Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sucker-punch robbery at Luxy Nightclub on Interchange Way in Vaughan, Ontario

They sucker-punched him in the face before jacking his keys and phone. Then, in one last violent swoop, one of the three thugs kicked him in the head as they walked away.

Kyle, the 26-year-old victim in what York Regional Police call “a very violent” robbery, shook his head Wednesday, recalling the “randomness” of the July 24 assault in a Vaughan nightclub parking lot.

“Everyone wants to know if there was something leading up to that, but there was honestly nothing,” he told the Toronto Sun.

“It’s hard to believe it was random, but there are a lot of idiots out there for a thrill. That part got me pretty upset ... It’s just unfortunate it had to happen to me.”

Kyle, who didn’t want his last name published, said he doesn’t remember much except going to Luxy Nightclub on Interchange Way and then parting ways with his friend around 2 a.m. While walking through the lit parking lot to his car, he was approached by three men, one of whom punched him in the face, knocking him unconscious.

Surveillance video released by police last week shows the trio rifling through Kyle’s pants, taking his keys and phone. One guy is seen kicking him in the face before they leave the scene.

“I’m just walking back to my car and the next thing I know, there’s a cop in front of me and the bystander that called everything in,” Kyle said. “I was out of it. I didn’t know what happened. I was looking for my cellphone and keys and they were gone, but I still had my wallet on me.

“That’s how I know they’re idiots.”

York Regional Police Const. Andy Pattenden confirmed Wednesday one man has been arrested thanks to a tip to police. He has been charged with robbery, but detectives are still hunting the two others before they’ll reveal more information.

“I was excited to hear about an arrest,” Kyle said.

Kyle was released from hospital later on the 24th after being diagnosed with a mild concussion.

“After seeing the surveillance (video) again, I was upset (about) getting kicked in the face while I’m knocked out,” he said. “If I wasn’t standing where I was standing, my head could have hit the cement or curb, then it could have been serious. I could have been dead.”

Kyle doesn’t recall even seeing the three guys earlier that evening.

“I asked (police) if it was a case of mistaken identity and they said it was just because I was by myself.”

He said he’s grateful for the bystander who witnessed the beating and called police.

“I just want to thank him,” Kyle said. “There were numerous cars that drove past me and saw and didn’t do anything. I’m glad he didn’t intervene, but the fact he went and got the police meant a lot because I would’ve woken up and had no idea what happened to me.”
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