Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rob Ford's medical records accessed 'inappropriately': Mt. Sinai

TORONTO - Mayor Rob Ford’s medical records were “inappropriately accessed” by two Mt. Sinai employees, the hospital revealed Thursday.

Ford — who is continuing to battle cancer while running for council in Ward 2 — was in the hospital last month after an abdominal tumour was discovered. He was back in the hospital again this month for another round of chemotherapy and is expected to go back again after election day.

The hospital revealed the breach with a short statement but wouldn’t specify when it took place or provide any details about the employees involved.

“Two Mt. Sinai staff members who are not part of the patient’s care team have inappropriately accessed his health record,” the statement read. “We became aware of this activity through a robust system of safeguards and auditing procedures designed to ensure compliance to our security and privacy policies. We immediately investigated and appropriate action has been taken, as per our strict code of conduct and privacy policies. As per legislative requirements, the patient was notified of the situation.

“We sincerely regret that these privacy breaches occurred. Privacy for all of our patients is paramount and we will continue to be diligent in upholding our privacy policies and practices.”

Doug Ford — the mayor’s brother — said before Thursday’s mayoral debate that he wasn’t aware of the incident.

“I don’t know about it,” Doug Ford said. “I’m sure I’ll talk to Rob about it.

“All I can tell you is Mt. Sinai is one of the best hospitals in the entire world and they did a lot of good things for Rob and millions of others over the years.”

Ford said he was confident the hospital will “handle it appropriately.”​

“I know they’ll do the right thing,” he said.
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