Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Toronto Councillors should resign after drug deaths: Mammoliti

Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti called for the resignation of two fellow councillors after the deaths of two people at the Veld music festival.

Mammoliti urged Gord Perks and Mike Layton to resign their council seats and suggested the city should take a look at whether it issues permits for future electronic dance music (EDM) events.

City officials confirmed no city permits were required for the Veld festival.

Earlier this year, Mammoliti came out against the city allowing EDM events at Exhibition Place. Although he led the Exhibition Place board of governors in banning the events, city council later overturned that ban.

“With the deaths of two young individuals at this weekend’s VELD Festival, it’s time for someone to take responsibility before more tragedies come from these EDM events,” Mammoliti stated Tuesday. “Councillors Perks and Layton should resign their seats on Council. If it wasn’t for them pushing for these events and insisting they be held on government lands I don’t believe these kids would be dead today.”

“How many more have to die before we finally accept these EDM events cannot be held on government lands or anywhere else?” he asked.

Perks declined to speak on Tuesday and Layton refused to address Mammoliti’s comments.

“I’m not going to acknowledge his statements,” Layton said.

Layton said his heart goes out to the families of the two people who died.

“It is terrible what has happened,” Layton added. “Like them, we’re going to be looking for answers.” Mayor Rob Ford dismissed Mammoliti’s call for councillors to resign.

“This is not about politics,” Ford said.

“It’s a tragedy. I don’t know how I would deal with losing my son or my daughter. My condolences go out to the families who lost loved ones.”

Ford argued it was up to the permit holders of festivals or concerts to ensure proper staff is in place.
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