Friday, January 24, 2014

GO Transit orders new train cars

TORONTO - GO Transit will roll out 65 new bi-level rail coaches by 2017.

The province's transit agency, Metrolinx, placed an order for the coaches with Bombardier in Thunder Bay.

Metrolinx spokesman Anne-Marie Aikins said the new coaches will be similar to those already in the fleet.

“We'll order them in our new colours, which aren't significantly different,” Aikins said.
The real change will be the interior: the seats will be cushier, carpeting will have more padding and the upholstery will change from blue to GO Transit's official green colour.
Since some passengers travel on their trains for as long as two hours at a time, they “really appreciate a quiet ride,” Aikins said.

The order includes an option for an additional 75 coaches, with a total cost of $481 million.

The first batch will be delivered between June 2016 and July 2017 and are expected to ease crowded rush hour commutes.

“It will help deal with congestion,” Aikins said.

GO Transit has been running the unique Bombardier bi-levels since 1978. The cars have become a staple of commuter rail systems across North America.

GO's order will support about 250 local jobs, increase GO Transit's fleet to 743 coaches, and is a step in their long-term plan to introduce “two-way, all-day service on all seven GO rail lines,” the province said in a statement.
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