Friday, March 29, 2013

Giorgio Mammoliti rushed to hospital, undergoes surgery

Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti is undergoing surgery Friday.

Mammoliti's staff confirmed just after midnight that the councillor was rushed to St. Michael's hospital Thursday night.

Alex Barbieri, Mammoliti's executive assistant, said the councillor would be having surgery Friday.

He didn't say what the surgery was for but said it was "not life threatening."

The Ward 7, York West councillor has been a lightning rod of controversy at City Hall but has never complained of health problems.

Late last year, Mammoliti left Mayor Rob Ford's executive committee.

In January, Mammoliti alleged he is the victim of a "conspiracy."

Without naming names or providing any concrete evidence, Mammoliti said a preliminary investigation he’s conducted has pointed to a group of people “out to do some damage, personal damage.”

Last week, Mammoliti issued a statement saying a private investigator turned up evidence he has been targeted by an undisclosed “organized” group.

He alleged investigators at the Toronto firm, Executek International, have evidence someone attempted to access his computer remotely and copy files, impersonated him to obtain his phone records, and tampered with his phones.

The city's compliance audit committee voted in February to commence legal proceedings against Mammoliti for alleged breaches of the municipal elections act.

At least one councillor to Twitter Friday to wish Mammoliti a "speedy recovery."

"My thoughts & very best wishes are with Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti and his family as he undergoes surgery," Councillor Josh Matlow tweeted.
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