Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cut council in half: Mammoliti

Just when Toronto city council couldn’t get more rock ‘em, sock ‘em, Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti wants councillors to put their own jobs on the chopping block.

Mammoliti will start the debate to chop city council in half, from 44 councillors to 22, in two weeks.

The Mayor Rob Ford loyalist said a city report is coming to the March 19 executive committee meeting on changing the boundaries of councillors’ wards.

Although the report will deal with redrawing the wards to reflect population changes, Mammoliti said he’ll move at that time to reduce the current roster of 44 councillors in half.

“I think it is time,” Mammoliti said Sunday. “I’m convinced if we keep council at 44 (members) then no business — that means anything to the suburbs — will get done ever.

“Changing (the number of councillors) is good for the suburbs.”

The York West (Ward 7) councillor added that city council “drags on continuously with 44 people.”

Mammoliti argued a 22-member council would expedite meetings.

Ford’s 2010 election platform included a pledge to cut council in half.

The mayor has always maintained he wouldn’t bring the issue to council until the last year of his term.

If Mammoliti is successful, councillors could end up having to cast a vote on eliminating 22 seats from the council chamber this year.

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