Saturday, November 5, 2011

Toronto residents will need permit to repave driveway

TORONTO - Get ready for a kick in the asphalt.
Repaving your driveway is about to cost an extra $129 no matter where you live in Toronto.
Councillors on the public works committee approved a laundry list of changes to the municipal code's streets and sidewalks section, including making it mandatory for Toronto residents to get a permit from the city before repaving their driveway. Right now, only residents in North York and the former city of Toronto have to buy a permit.
Councillor Mark Grimes tried unsuccessfully to get councillors on the committee to take out the change.
"I think that's ridiculous," Grimes said of the permit.
Allan Smithies, the city's project lead for the streets bylaw, said the change was one of many that ensures the street and sidewalk rules are the same right across the city.
"Under the proposed bylaw, every resident who wants to repave a driveway ... will have to get a permit from the city and the permit will cost $129.45," Smithies said.
Council still has to approve the change.

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