Saturday, October 29, 2011

Single-issue sob story: Real truth emerges over couple getting boot from Tim Hortons

Another story from the most important community in the history of the world.
Gay people, of course.
In Blenheim, Ont., a typical small Canadian town, a lesbian couple, Riley Duckworth and Patricia Pattenden, were reportedly ordered to leave a Tim Hortons because there were complaints they were acting in a way that was offensive to the families who were present.
If they did not do so, they were apparently told, the cops would be called.
The media went into direct action, there was a Facebook site established and calls to boycott the Tim Hortons.
The news coverage of this was, frankly, sickening.
It was the lead item on Global News, and covered all over television and radio.
Forget people being raped, shot and killed in Syria and Libya, forget Turkish earthquakes, even forget good, ordinary people in Canada losing their homes and jobs.
No, here was evidence of homophobia, and homophobia is big business.
The women involved started complaining to all sorts of people and groups that they were victims, and nobody was prepared to stop, pause, and wonder if all this was true.
The story then got even worse.
The two women claimed that the man who had initially complained about them was one of those vile Christian pastors, that they were merely holding hands and had one little, gentle, innocent kiss on the cheek, and that a Christian youth team then came and prayed for their souls — presumably damned — after they were told to leave.
I can see a CBC drama series coming!
But just hold on one bigoted, intolerant, gay pride moment.
Hours after the media frenzy, a very different story emerged.
One of the leaders of the local gay community, Ty Williams, announced that he knew the minister in question, Eric Revie, and that he and his church were gay-friendly.
Revie himself then explained that he had no problem with gay people showing public affection, but alleged that this couple were aggressively French kissing, straddling each other, and putting their hands down each other’s pants.
As the man’s small children, and other small children, were present, this seemed extremely inappropriate behaviour.
As for the prayer group coming to ask God to forgive the poor Sappho sisters, it turned out that nothing of the sort had happened.
The group was composed of locals who were having a coffee, chatting together about what had just happened.
In other words, the innocent and wronged parties were the Tim Hortons workers and the man who complained.
But the lesbian couple have already asked to file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission, petitions have been formed, and activists all over North America are outraged.
But guess what?
A lot of us, the vast majority, are also complaining, and are becoming sick and tired of single-issue obsessive people with too much time on their hands moaning on about their contrived complaints.
Move on, grow up, shut up and bring me a Tims — no, not double double, just, well, just straight.

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