Wednesday, June 8, 2011

CHIN Picnic plans unveiled

You know the start of summer is around the corner when plans are unveiled for Toronto’s annual CHIN picnic.
Slated to run through the July 1 weekend, organizers of the 45th annual Scotiabank CHIN Picnic, which includes a popular bikini contest, previewed this year’s multicultural bash Wednesday during an event at Exhibition Place.
“I love how it brings a whole bunch of people together,” said Miss CHIN Bikini contestant Allysha LeClair. “It kind of gives you a push forward for your dreams, your goals.”
LeClair, 23, of French and First Nations descent, is and part of a diverse group of women and men taking part in this year’s Miss CHIN Bikini and Mr. CHIN competitions.
“The picnic in general is a great multicultural celebration of the cultural diversity of the city of Toronto,” said Lenny Lombardi, CEO of CHIN Radio.
As to which event is his favourite, he said “it’s like asking a father which kid do you love the most.” It was Lombardi’s father, Johnny, organized he first CHIN picnic in 1967.
With an expected 250,000 visitors, the free picnic at Exhibition Place will include circus acts, cycling races, a stomping South Asian dance performance and a range of other family-friendly acts.
Musical performers from Italy, Portugal, China, South America, the Philippines and the Caribbean will compliment a global shopping bazaar.
“It’s going to be representing not just the radio, but Toronto and all of the other places involved,” said Brooke Rombough, a first-year bikini contestant and former Toronto Argos cheerleader.
Speaking for ladies everywhere, attendee Odette Medeiros swooned: “The CHIN Picnic, it’s always the best. See the good-looking guys here?”
The festival has become a staple of Toronto’s summer calendar and one of the season’s major attractions along with Caribana, Taste of the Danforth, Pride and the CNE.
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