Monday, July 4, 2016

Johlawny Blake 24, of Toronto Charged in Brutal Human Trafficking Case , BLM Black Lives Matter

A man faces human trafficking charges after a woman was forced into what police describe as an “extremely brutal” form of prostitution.

Toronto Police reported Monday that the 23-year-old victim met a man in 2013 and he allegedly forced her into the sex trade in October 2015.

“The man had two rules for her: She had to work every day and had to make $1,000 before she was allowed to eat or sleep,” police said. “If she fell asleep before making $1,000, the man would assault her.”

Police said that in January 2016, the man hit the Toronto woman with his car, resulting in her being taken to the hospital.

Det. Sgt. Nunziato Tramontozzi said the woman found out in March that she was pregnant with the man’s child. The man allegedly continued to force her to work and threatened to poison her unborn baby.

“In May, he was forcing her into the sex trade while she was pregnant and I guess she hit rock bottom and said enough’s enough, I have to take care of my baby more than anything else, and she came to the police,” Tramontozzi said.

Johlawny Blake, 24, of Toronto, faces 12 charges, including trafficking in persons, exercising control and procuring.

Tramontozzi said the woman is still pregnant and in good health.

“She’s a lot happier than she’s ever been,” he said. “Our guys keep in touch with her so she understands that we’re there to help her out and we’ll do whatever we can to get her the support she needs.”

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