Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Two Toronto Taxi Drivers Muhammad Tariq, 26, left, and Ahmed Dogar, 25 Accused of Swapping Passengers' Bank Cards

TORONTO - Two taxi drivers are accused of switching customers’ bank cards and withdrawing money from their accounts.

Toronto Police officers from the financial crimes unit began their investigation in fall 2015 after taxi customers reported their cards were replaced with similar-looking cards.

Police allege the suspects took out money and bought retail items with the customers’ bank cards.

Ahmed Dogar, 25, of Toronto, is charged with theft of credit card, three counts of forgery, six counts of fraud, and six counts of possession of a credit card obtained by crime.

Muhammad Tariq, 26, of Toronto, is charged with forgery as well as three counts of fraud and possession of a credit card obtained by crime.

Investigators are concerned there may be additional victims. Police are also reminding cab passengers to hold on to their cards and request a receipt.
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