Monday, May 2, 2016

Video shows Toronto teen stabbing victim running for life

TORONTO - A teen ran for his life from an assailant moments before he was stabbed to death, video footage released Monday shows.

The security-camera footage contains the final moments of 17-year-old Saed Keyliye, who was murdered outside the rear of a highrise at 551 The West Mall on Feb. 3.

Det. Andy Singh said Keyliye and two friends met that night with two unidentified suspects close to that highrise.

“Shortly after they met, there was an altercation which resulted in Saed being stabbed,” said Singh, who added the meeting was not a random encounter.

“This was a prearranged meeting. But in terms of what the meeting was about, I’m not prepared to elaborate on that.”

Singh said there is nothing to indicate this killing was gang related, and the victim was not known to police.

One video shows Keyliye running outside the building and “suspect number one” attempting to head him off. When Keyliye runs in the opposite direction, the assailant chases him and appears to pull something from the back of his trousers.

A second clip shows what police believe to be the two suspects walking toward where Keyliye was felled.

A third video shows a suspected getaway car — a four-door, grey Honda Civic — driving west on Rathburn Rd.

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